Tuesday, 30 August 2011 19:00

SDI Participates in the Bob Jones High School E4T Academy Internship Program and Welcomes Archer McClure

Partnering with the Bob Jones High School E4T Academy Internship Program, SDI shows commitment to the community and to young engineering and scientific students who will gain knowledge and real-life experience in the work place.

SDI looks forward to participating in the Bob Jones High School E4T (Engineering for Tomorrow) Academy Program. Students of the E4T Academy have completed a Principles of Engineering course where they are introduced to the twelve different engineering disciplines, as well as an Advanced Engineering course where students apply their knowledge of math and science to solve real engineering problems. The third and final E4T Academy course is an Engineering Internship. The seniors chosen for the 12-week internship program will work hands-on in a real engineering environment to broaden their exposure to engineering, as well as build confidence and enthusiasm.

SDI has chosen (William) Archer McClure for the fall semester. Archer is a hardworking and intelligent young man who is on track to receive an Advanced Diploma in May 2012. At SDI, Archer will be working with a 3D Computer Aided Design program to model components that are part of the UAS Trainer Systems that SDI assembles. It is expected it to be a rich experience and SDI is proud to support the future of engineering by participating in this worthwhile program.

Jessye Gessner Gaines, Academy Co-Director, says, "Archer is an outstanding young person. He has chosen to leave school every day and attend an unpaid internship during his senior year when he had the opportunity to take a 'fun' elective such as art, choir, forensics, culinary, etc., with his friends. He has his sights set on his future in engineering and has made very mature decisions for someone his age."

Mrs. Gaines is Co-Director of the E4T Academy with Jeremy Raper, the Academy's creator. She is an aerospace engineer who has chosen to teach in the Engineering Academy to be a liaison between the students and engineering firms and to further the Academy's goal of preparing the next generation of engineers for college and the workforce.

For more information, please visit the Bob Jones E4T Academy Program.