Thursday, 15 March 2012 19:00

Michael B. "Spud" Spiegel hired as President of SDI

Michael B. "Spud" Spiegel hired in March 2012 as President of SDI for his unparalleled experience in defense system R&D and acquisition programs, as well as his business development and strategic planning acumen.

Spud Retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Michael “Spud” Spiegel received his BA from the University of Nebraska in 1976 before embarking on his military career. After commanding an air defense unit, his military career focused on ground-based missile defense systems. As Deputy Director of the Test & Evaluation Directorate, he conducted high-level briefings to Congress and other government agencies on the value of Integrated System Test Capability (ISTC). He retired from the military after serving as Chief of the Ground Based Interceptor (GBI) Product Management Office, where he led a team dedicated to a missile program valued at $50M per year.


Upon retiring from the military in 1998, Mr. Spiegel went to work for Colsa Corporation as the Joint National Test South (JNTS) Support Director. After directing Colsa’s support of the Joint National Test Program Office, he was promoted to Vice President, Professional Services. As VP, he was responsible for the management of missile defense related Hardware in the Loop operations and development, Homeland Security support, SETA support to the Ground Based Missile Defense, and the operations of two Regional Operations Centers. In 2008, Mr. Spiegel became Executive Vice President responsible for business development at Defense Acquisition, Inc.


Mr. Spiegel has amassed over twenty-seven years of experience in system research and development, system engineering, acquisition, test and evaluation, financial management, budget implementation, and project management.

SDI's CEO, Pamela White, says, "I am delighted to have Mr. Spiegel leading our team now.  I like his management style and immensely respect his expertise in this industry.  I believe he's just the one to afford our fine team every opportunity to apply their technical excellence to solutions for our current and future customers."