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e Evolutionary Algorithm Software

SDI’s evolutionary algorithm software, e, is a flexible, general purpose software tool that has applications in automatic target recognition, sensor fusion, image processing, calibration, plant optimization, modeling, stock trading, and other problems in optimization. The e application runs from a graphical user interface (see below) or from the command prompt.


e_diagrame is based on the biological evolutionary process illustrated in the block diagram (right). An initial population of EA functions is generated by randomly selecting operators and operands (from the n element feature vector) for each function. A training file consisting of example inputs and the corresponding desired output is used to score each function based on how well that function matches the desired output for each example. Since the functions are initially randomly generated, performance of these initial functions is poor. However, by chance (initially), some functions perform better than others. The better functions (the fittest in evolutionary terms) are chosen to reproduce offspring functions, which will form the next generation. Reproduction includes swapping portions of code from each parent (using a variety of reproductive operators) and mutating a small number of instructions to provide variation in the reproductive process. Two parent functions produce two offspring functions, which are placed in the next generation population. The best function in the population is also allowed to join the next generation. From that point on, e repeats the process using successive next generation populations until it reaches some stopping criteria (fitness level, number of births, or run time) or is stopped by the user. Once the algorithm has stopped, the best performing function, based on the training file used, is written to a file as FORTRAN, C, or Basic code. In other words, e automatically writes code to implement an algorithm to solve the problem represented by the training file.

For more information contact Steve Smith in SDI’s St. Louis office.


Download e Software

The most recent version of e is currently in beta testing. If you are an authorized user, please login below to access the e Software download page.

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