System Design, Development, Integration, and Testing


elec mech sample

Electrical/Mechanical Design

Network Engineering Analysis
Compact Systems Design (VME, PCPA, ATCA)
Failure Analysis, EOL Mitigation
Cost Benefit Analysis, CoTs Substitution
Uni-Graphics 3D Modelling
Manufacturability Enhancement
Mobility/Transportability Enhancement
Shelter Modifications, Facility Layouts

elec mech design


C4I Systems Engineering

UAS/C-RAM Integration
Blue Force Tracker (BFT)
Cursor on Target (CoT)
ARC-220/HF Tracker
Tactical Solutions Analysis and Integration
Test and Evaluation, IV&V
Software Systems Engineering


UAS GCS GSE engineering

UAS GCS/GSE Engineering

Requirements Development & Analysis:
SWAP Analysis
Test and Evaluation Support
Architecture Design Trade Offs
Platform Improvement & Concept Exploration
GSE, Prime Movers, Mobile Power

MAVtrioFoldable-Wing Micro UAS (MAV)

Hand-launched, catapult-launched, or deployed from ground or airborne launch tubes and canisters

Designed for space-limited launch platforms

Wing wraps around fuselage to fit in narrow launch tube or canister

Equipped with color camera to transmit full motion video for ISR applications (optional IR available)

Fully autonomous or remotely piloted

FirebirdFirebird_viewFirebird Small UAS

SUAS designed to collect high-resolution, geo-tagged aerial photographs and to transmit full motion video to ground station

Well-suited for monitoring temporal and spatial change for inland applications (e.g., agriculture, forestry) and coastal areas

Short takeoff/landing runway capability

Fully autonomous or remotely piloted