• Apache Longbow PMO Support


    • Reliability and Maintainability
    • Corrosion Prevention
    • Composite Material Repair Procedures
    • Oil Analysis, Lube and Filter Debris Analysis


    • Performance-Based Logistics (PBL)
    • Operating and Support (O&S) Cost Analysis and Reduction
    • Parts Obsolescence Planning


    • Modernized TADS/PNVS systems engineering
    • Aircraft Integration
    • Configuration Management
    • Interface Control
  • Cargo Helicopter PMO Support

    • CH-47F Test Engineering
    • Test and Evaluation Management Plan (TEMP)
    • Test Scheduling and Support
  • Utility Helicopter PMO Support

    • UH-60M Software Engineering
    • APM Modification Engineering/Programmatics
  • Aviation Mission Planning System (AMPS) Support

    Ongoing Programmatic, Engineering, and Logistics support that has successfully transitioned the system from an R&D effort to an approved program that has achieved Milestone C and is currently in a series of continuous upgrades to keep pace with PEO Aviation platform modernization efforts.

  • Future Vertical Lift

    Prime contractor delivering continuing support to Army Futures Command through subject matter expertise informing future aviation requirements, applications, integrating technologies, and modernization timelines. Deliverables help ensure readiness of the future warfighting force and include studies, capability assessments, horizontal integration alignments, and prospective Army fielding regimens.

  • 560 Discovery Drive
    Huntsville, AL 35806

  • (256) 895-9000