• Electrical/Mechanical Design

    • Network Engineering Analysis
    • Compact Systems Design (VME, PCPA, ATCA)
    • Failure Analysis, EOL Mitigation
    • Cost Benefit Analysis, CoTs Substitution
    • Uni-Graphics 3D Modelling
    • Manufacturability Enhancement
    • Mobility/Transportability Enhancement
    • Shelter Modifications, Facility Layouts


  • C4I Systems Engineering

    • UAS/C-RAM Integration
    • Blue Force Tracker (BFT)
    • Cursor on Target (CoT)
    • SecureC4
    • ARC-220/HF Tracker
    • Tactical Solutions Analysis and Integration
    • Test and Evaluation, IV&V
    • Software Systems Engineering
  • UAS GCS/GSE Engineering

    • Requirements Development & Analysis:
      • IER, IA, AW, CDD
    • SWAP Analysis
    • Test and Evaluation Support
    • Architecture Design Trade Offs
    • Platform Improvement & Concept Exploration
    • GSE, Prime Movers, Mobile Power
  • Foldable-Wing Micro UAS (MAV)

    • Hand-launched, catapult-launched, or deployed from ground or airborne launch tubes and canisters
    • Designed for space-limited launch platforms
    • Wing wraps around the fuselage to fit in narrow launch tube or canister
    • Equipped with a color camera to transmit full-motion video for ISR applications (optional IR available)
    • Fully autonomous or remotely piloted
  • Firebird Small UAS

    • SUAS designed to collect high-resolution, geotagged aerial photographs and to transmit full-motion video to the ground station
    • Well-suited for monitoring temporal and spatial change for inland applications (e.g., agriculture, forestry) and coastal areas
    • Short takeoff/landing runway capability
    • Fully autonomous or remotely piloted


  • 560 Discovery Drive
    Huntsville, AL 35806

  • (256) 895-9000


ISO 9001:2015
AS 9100 Rev D